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((As soon as everyone posts and I finish up the sparring match we're going to to a two day skip to the morning when everyone leaves the village.))

"I'm ready,"

Shijra slowly circled Takeda, looking for the best area to launch his initial strike. He paused for a moment and then ran at Takeda and brought his sword down in a series of quick yet powerful strikes. He was holding the sword so that when Takeda would hit back he would be able to quickly pull his sword back so he could defend himself better.

"The preparations have been complete. Tategami has returned, but its mandatory for every shinobi to take long break inbetween missions. So two days from now, you'll be sent back to Akagi's village."

Karela sighed. She would have enjoyed going now but the Hokage had said otherwise. And she knew that he did trust her not to take off to the village early.

"Very well. I'll make sure that everyone is ready to leave on the morning two days from now."

"Between you, myself and another; Takeda's progress will be monitored and assessed. I trust you to not inform him about this?"

"Of course Hokage." Karela said quietly. "I have seen his recent behavior towards others recently and I am concerned. He's really acting...odd."
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