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Should Tales from Jabba's Palace be considered cannon?

I was recently re-reading my copy of "Tales from Jabba's Palace" (a compilation of short stories made in 1996) for another question on this site, when I started to notice the many inconsistencies that many of the story had. In it Yarna is friends with Oola despite the fact that in the film she can clearly be seen laughing at her as she struggles with Jabba, in some of the stories Leia is there for several days and in others it is for a single night, Boba Fett is able to survive in the desert after escaping the sarlacc without Dengar's help(as stated in the Dark Empire comics), and a lot of other minor things that would take awhile to put down. Honestly this book is a mess and I was wondering if it should be continued to be considered as cannon in the star wars universe? Thanks.
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