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"Of course Hokage." Karela said quietly. "I have seen his recent behavior towards others recently and I am concerned. He's really acting...odd."

"Then you will understand that it is for his own good." the Hokage added. "Perhaps even the village as well. Of course, it may be nothing at all."

One of the Hokage's assistants entered the door, holding a stack of documents.

"I apoligise, Hokaga-sama. But we have some forms we need you to sign immediatly."

The Hokage sighed. "And here I thought I was ridded of it for the day."

"Well, if you got them over and done with in the first place, you'd have more time enjoying your luxuries." The assistant sternly pointed out. The Hokage resigned.

"Very well, put them on my desk and I'll sort them out. Pardon me, Karela. I've got work to do."
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