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"Very well, put them on my desk and I'll sort them out. Pardon me, Karela. I've got work to do."

Karela saluted smartly and then smiled. "Of course Hokage. I'll hopefully see you in a few days. Good luck with the paperwork." Karela smirked when she saw the amount of paperwork he had to deal with. She then quickly jumped out the window and landed on one of the tree branches. As soon as she made her way down to the ground she turned and began walking towards her own little apartment.

Shijra was having trouble holding his own against Takeda's constant attacks, he could never seem to tell where the swords strikes were going to come from until the last moment.

He managed to deflect one of the stronger strikes and was about to try and bring his own sword down on Takeda's ice swords when the swords was knocked from his own hand and sent flying into the air. This was no small feat since his sword was quite heavy.

Shijra jumped back and held his hands up. "I yield." He said as he held out his hand to show that the match was over. Akagi walked over and smiled. "I must say Takeda...I am impressed. Shijra is one of the strongest samurai under my command and sometimes even I have trouble sparring with him."
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