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Name: Bylar Dersieas Dur
Info:After the death of his parents, Bau-Dur and Winsa-Dur, Bylar became a local thug. He joined a gang and found out he had great abilities. A Jedi Master found him and took his midichlorian count. Bylar had a whopping 1,023,855 count(alittle bit smaller than Anakin). HE didn't believe in te jedi so he killed the master and ran to korriban to learn about the Greatest Dark Lord, Lord Revan.
Saber: Double bladed
color: red


Bylar steps into the middle of the room and says" I will challenge you, Mahn'kie!!!!! Bylar grabbed his lightsaber and lunged at the man and swung his saber barely missing Mahn'kies arm. Mahn'kie activated his saber and swung at Bylar. Bylar jumps out of the way and zaps a bolt of lightning at Mahn'kie. manh'kie deflects the lightning and says mockingly" is that the best you got, Zabrak scum?" Bylar lunges at Manh'kie and swings his lightsaber, Mahn'kie screams in pain as the lightsaber cuts a medium sized scar into his arm. Bylar doesn't notice that mahn'kie gets on all 4s. Thinking that he is crippled, bylar walks away from mahn'kie and chuckles. Mahn'kie races twoard bylar and jumps on his back. He digs his claws into Bylars ribs, making Bylar exhale all the air in his lungs. a tall man walks up and points his hand at the two young men. Suddenly, both of the fighters fly into the air and the tall man say "Both of you, stop I won't have blood on my floor we just polished. If you must fight you can go to the sparring room and spar there, If I catch you fighting other than in the sparring rooms or outside the academy then I will send you to disciplinary detention."
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