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Was browsing for info in RC2, if it was ever going to come out. Stumbled across this thread, and felt a few things need to be mentioned.

Originally Posted by azbo217 View Post
i have read alot of these posts and obviously they sould make a rc2 and yes there are so many possible ways to pick the story up were it left off but enless LA has seen this thread and are working on it in secret trying to not let anything leak which btw would be totaly awsome, its likely its not going to happen but there is a possablity after they have realsed fu2 they might consider making rc2 and if no one understood what i just said i wouldnt blame you
There are many possiilities, and going from what I know about the events beyond the game (I'll get to that in a minute), it would be a perfect prologue.

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Mercenary View Post
Realistically, RC2 isn't going to happen; not to burst your guys bubbles. The game came out 5 years ago, and since then there's been absolutely NOTHING about an upcoming RC2.
The time difference doesn't really matter. Obsidian had once said that they were done with Elder Scrolls after 4: Oblivion, but they are projecting to release 5:Skyrim this year. (after many years.)

Originally Posted by SmootheOperator View Post
i need closure on Sev. there has to be an ending to it, whether he managed to kill his way off of Kashyyyk, or was overwhelmed and fell. It is definately worth another game to explore, or at least am Imperial Commando 2 book.
I can provide closure, to an extent, but wil say this first: The background events of the game are detailed in the SW:Order 66 book (I believe is what it was called.) It goes mosly about stuff not related to events within the mission, but the outside world.
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