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I still can't get it.... If the SD is facing left and I have to pull it right using 'D' then it turns fast and if I push the mouse up it rises into the correct position for me to start pulling it down with 'S'.
However, once I have pulled it down a couple of times, as soon as I have to let go to take care of the incoming Tie fighters, then it starts to drift back up and to the right which, when I start to pull again will allow me to pull it back to the middle using 'A' but no amount of pushing up with the mouse will let me get the nose high enough to be able to start pulling it down again.
Also - once at this stage, no matter where I let go of the SD to deal with the fighters - it is always back facing right when I start to grab it again.. Is this some sort of glitch?
I've been trying for 2 weeks now and I'm getting to the stage when I'm just going to give it up as a bad job... HELP!
Remember I'm playing on a Mac with keyboard and mouse - not xbox 360 controller.
If I got one would it work with a Mac ??
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