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Originally Posted by elTee View Post
I think I've settled on a final design for the Secret of Monkey Island DVD - opinions please! If there's nothing wrong with it I'll move onto the rest. As you can see I've gone entirely towards an 'original box' motif now - minus the universally despised 'IBM' sticker on the front cover, which I did replicate but I'm not going to use.

To show a rough idea of what the side panels look like when placed next to each other I've been using photos of the actual boxes for reference - see below.
Really good, i've got a couple of suggestions though, the year box near the bottom of the spine, maybe you could keep that the same for all of them (i.e. all in the style youve used for Maniac Mansion, Zak and MI2), so they all look nice when aligned together on the shelf? also maybe try adjusting the game titles on the spine (Maniac Mansion, MI1, MI2 and indy so they're all the same size, have the same size border and are all in the exact position, some are a couple of pixels out and it looks a little jarring. Other than that, fantastic

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