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First of all, LogicDeLuxe, amazing work. Really. I can't properly express my gratitude. Likewise Espiox, but you say he isn't responding, so I doubt he'll see this.

I've played through the game and it works great. Everything the SE should have been.

I have only minor quibbles, but I thought I'd mention them anyway, since you've been kind enough to fix similar things. Most of these are related to the subtitles, and match voice mode vs. original text mode:
Neither subtitle mode will give me the Charles Atlas line when looking at the skeleton at the Voodoo Lady's place.
There's a typo in the original game, since you seem to be fixing those on occasion. Talking to the Voodoo Lady, she says: " mind reading skills tells me it is your future you are interested in." It should be "tell me".
In Meathook's gutwrenching tale: "A monster that, just by coincidence, is identical to one that attacked ME when I was just a child..." Should be "to one what attacked me" in original text mode.
Fighting this guy: The line should be "is this the best" in match voice mode.
In the cutscene after freeing Otis, assuming you do this before Carla or Meathook or the ship, where Lechuck takes off his Shinetop disguise, the music stops playing during LeChuck's transformation.
Once you say a ship is out of your price range at Stan's, one of his responses: "Okay, but I got five other guys coming to look at this baby today." Should be "five other guys coming back to look at this baby today" in match voice mode.
While trying to procure credit at the store, the storekeeper's line "You're one of the Fettucini brothers?" should be "You're one of them Fettucini brothers?" in match voice mode.
In part 2, looking out the window in the first room once you descend into the hatch, Guybrush's line "I think I'm going to get seasick." should be "I think I'm gonna be seasick." in match voice mode.
Herman's line near the corpse "Am I some kind of a castaway?" should be "Am I some kind of castaway?" in match voice mode.
Same conversation (and others with Herman), Guybrush's "Excuse me, I've got pressing business to attend to." should be "I've got some pressing business" in match voice mode.
When Guybrush is talking to the cannibals and they ask him if he needs anything in return for the idol, you can reply with "No thanks, generosity is it's own reward." That should read "its own reward". Presumably it's like this in the original, but as long as you're making changes...
The grey cannibal's line "Oh, and I suppose stealing bananas is any better?" should be "And I suppose" etc. in match voice mode.
Not sure if it's the modified version of the game or just the way ScummVM handles the CD version, but if you save while talking to the navigator, finish talking to him and then load the game, the dialogue options don't apear until you mouse over them. Likewise the final conversation with Elaine, where the dialogue options are also placed over the image.
If Guybrush tries to use the voodoo root on something on the ghost ship (I tried a chicken), he will say "I don't think it's very useful in it's present form." Again, the second "it's" should be "its".
Guybrush, talking to a ghost in Melee town, can say "No, but I do have this deadly magic root beer." This should be "No, but I have this deadly magic root beer." in match voice mode.

Like I said, all this stuff is really minor, and did not hamper my enjoyment in any way.
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