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"Sorry we're late. It was hard enough gettiing this one out of bed without his parents waking him prior."

Karela had to stop herself from laughing. It seemed that Kaneda had picked up a few habits from his sensai. Still...she had done the same thing quite a few times so she really couldn't blame him. Akagi looked over at Kaneda and had to smile. "You didn't sleep well did you Kaneda?"

"I see not everyone has turned up yet..."

Karela was about to respond when Takeda showed up with a large sword strapped to his back. Karela raised her eyes in suprise. That was a samurai sword that she had seen a few times during her time in the samurai village. "Hey Akagi...isn't that one of your swords?" She asked.

"It belonged to a friend of mine who is no longer with us...Takeda earned it during a sparring match with one of my men."

"Really?" Karela said as she looked over the sword. "Well...congratulations Takeda." She said with a smile.

She looked up as a dark shape jumped down from the gates and landed behind them. The figure walked out of the shadows and nodded at them. "I am Dren of the Hyuga clan. I have been assigned to your squad in case we see combat.

Karela couldn't help but notice that when Dren looked over her his eyes seemed to narrow.

"Wait a minute...Where's Tategami?" She asked. "I thought that he was going to be on our squad."
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