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Yeah, my main goal is to reconstruct the artworks themselves as cleanly as possible. I usually work from as many sources as possible (and necessary) to get the job done.

Most of the time the images are the box-artworks, with a few exceptions that come from ads, magazine covers or concept artwork. Some are even purely made up by me - like the normal DOTT-poster (since the original box-front only has Bernard and Purple on it) and of course the DOTT-SW poster in One Sheet style.

Regarding official posters: About a month ago a bunch of these turned up at eBay, to be exact "Fate of Atlantis", "Maniac Mansion", "Full Throttle" and "Monkey Island". I bid on all of them, but the prices went higher than I was willing to pay. I guess after all my versions are good enough for me most of the time (plus they are made without terrible stuff like that ugly 90s-pattern-frame around the original MI1-poster). I actually have the original "Fate of Atlantis" poster on my wall, so I'm good.

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