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"I thought that he was going to be on our squad."

There was a sudden tap on Karela's shoulder. Kaneda watched amusingly.

"Sorry, I didnt want to spoil the suprise."

A very tall and muscular figure stood behind Karela. His hair was tied back into a pony tail and thick moustache covering his upper lip. As soon as Karela turned around, the muscular man wrapped his crushing-oversized arms around Karela. "It has been a far too long time, Karela-chan."

"I did warn you before." Kaneda pointed out. "He could crush an entire mountain with those arms of his." he laughed.

Kaneda took note of Karela's reaction, and frowned at his old sensei. "Umm... could you please let go of her, Tategami-sensai? You might kill her, or something."
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