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((Sorry I took long to reply. Finals are coming next week and I've been crazy busy. ))

"Yeah..." he said doubtfully. "I'm sure he will."

Lyna smiled after Cade left. She too went to her quarters to get her things. When Cyan jumped on the bed, Lyna sighed sadly. "I'll just go with my nickname: Midnight. What'cha think, girl?"

Cyan snorted, disagreeing. "Oh, c'mon. Cade said he need time with this. And... he knew the old Lyna than anyone else. I'm gonna stick with Midnight for now. 'Kay?" The little binjinphant sighed and jumped on Lyna's shoulder, licking her cheek.

"Ha ha. Thanks, Cyan. C'mon." The young woman and her little friend went out the room and towards the entry ramp.


Saluna and Tino smiled. "No problem!" they both said. What they didn't know was that Xan was only using them to capture Lyna's clone and bring her to Sethos.
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