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Originally Posted by Darnn View Post
Neither subtitle mode will give me the Charles Atlas line when looking at the skeleton at the Voodoo Lady's place.
This line was replaced in the original enhanced CD for legal reasons. I don't think, restoring the original line would be a good idea in this case. I picked a slightly better replacement line here at least.

There's a typo
Don't confuse grammar with typos. I don't think the characters are supposed to talk perfect English in most cases. It's slang, pirate lingo, etc.. Not a dictionary. Wrong apostrophes in "it's" vs. "its" etc. are a different matter, which I intend to fix.

Match voice mode is a different matter. In cases where the spoken words are clearly different to the subtitbles, I might add those alternative lines. I won't go through every minor detail here, though.

In the cutscene after freeing Otis, assuming you do this before Carla or Meathook or the ship, where Lechuck takes off his Shinetop disguise, the music stops playing during LeChuck's transformation.
This is the intended behavior for SE and CD music. The tracks are recorded this way on purpose. The midi tracks shouldn't stop here, though.
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