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End of cantina? (just discussion)

Silly question, but

I'm not looking for an outright RP thread here, more of a discussion. heck we all don't have the time anymore to end the series, but maybe a few posts on how we'd all like it to all end

I always favored the 'looping' passage of the powers of the one chosen (DEAR GOD I FORGOT THE NAME OF IT, what F Irvine and norm Irvine and rogue 15's character has).

Namely the idea that the power "passes" on in the time loop between the instances of when the normal cantina universe onto the alternate universe and then back, 'passing' ie: to another person as a core necessity for said powers to "mature" in order for a "final confrontational".

Otherwise saying that everyone whom has said powers, regardless of what 'type that it is' (IE Fused Irvine has a 'Chaotic' version) is a different instances of the same powers, existing in the same time-frame, just 'evolving' and 'growing stronger' with each passage to each person until said point of maturity.


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