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I've got a suggestion, a question, and a (perhaps odd) request. For your Yuthura Ban mod, would it not make the most sense if it was only open to folks that chose the backstory for a light sided Revan (either male of female)? It wouldn't make much sense if bad guy Revan redeemed her IMHO.

Will your mod acknowledge any of the things that happened in TimBob's The Redemption of Yuthura Ban mod?

I have an "out there" suggestion for whomever voices your Yuthura Ban. Suggest to her that she also redo all of the lines that were said by that character in K1 as well. Might be nice as a small bonus add-on to your mod package and it will also allow you to sidestep the folks that might complain that she doesn't sound just like the original voice actress. Bad idea?
Ah, my old friend Sith_Holocron....always trying to make me work more.

In regards to your suggestions: 1) The mod is based on the assumption that Revan helped redeem her...this topic will not be addressed in the mod. I don't know how I could restrict it to players. Don't forget this is for TSL not K1. 2) I have not played TB's Yuthura recruitment mod, so no. Shouldn't really matter, though, nothing from K1 will really be addressed. The backstory of Yuthura is really created by the players themselves. 3) Going back and redoing K1 Yuthura voice files =

And before you ask...yes it will be compatable with TSLRCM

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