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Tategami restrained himself and let go of Karela. He beamed, and ruffled her hair. "I sincerely apoligise." he added. "I tend to get a little too embracing when I have not seen a dear friend for to me seems a lifetime."

Kaneda sighed. "His vocabulary skills havent lightened up I see..." he mumbled. He stared at Tategami and smiled. "Its good to see you, sensei."

"It is good to see you once more Tategami sen...Tategami." a familiar voice spoke, coming from the masked man he had worked with before. One of his pupils, Takeda. Tategami was amazed at his transformation from chunin to Jonin.

"I think its best we go now that everyone's here. I've gone ahead and planned a route for the group, as well as labeled resting points...

Tategami examined the map. He pointed to some of locations labbeled on the route. "Well labbeled, Takeda-kun. But there is a slight problem with the selected route."

Tategami pointed a finger along a road to the north east. "In this time of the year, the Devil Hornets swarm this area to gather resources to prepare for winter. We're going to have to take this alternate pathway that avoids the swarm."

He followed his finger along the first resting point. "This area I would highly recomend we avoid.... unless some of you can withstand migrated Manchurian Wild Boars during their mating season."

Tategami crossed his arms. "The rest of the route is satisfactory. Just as long as we avoid those areas for no complications."
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