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Well school is out! So that means I will have a ton of time to do what I love (art)

Here are is are a few pictures from over spring break.

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Here is a sketch of what I thought I would look like as a pokemon trainer
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Here is the water color pencil final product (Obviously I edited it out of the paper in photoshop).
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Finally this is a piece I made for from my english class (it is actually like 3'x6'.

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Explanation that goes along with the piece (quoted from my deviantart):
Excerpt from the Powerpoint I used to explain the piece for a project. I was showing the parallels between absurdism and Surrealism; through Camus and Picasso's works The Stranger and Guernica.

"Named Guantanica – Variation between Guernica and Guantanamo.

The piece is my interpretation if Picasso had created Guernica in today’s society.
Uses surrealism, appears to be irrational.
Not all images are clear to the viewer, thus open to interpretation.
Is meant to be a social commentary on the torture at Guantanamo, shows the horrors of the torture.
This theme is picked because it is considered a major ill in today’s society.

Painting explained:

Images kept the same in Guantanica:
Person lying down with arms stretched out – Effects of the torture methods
Light bulb – Sleep Deprivation
Candle – Burning
Images within Guantanica that are not in Guernica:
Dog’s head – Method used to intimidate prisoners
Person with a cloth over face – Waterboarding
Bug head – Isolation in a room filled with bugs
Boxes – Isolation containers, the live burial method"

I made this by drawing a sketch of what I wanted the painting to look like. Then I used a projector to expand the image onto canvas. Next I traced with pencil and then filled in the sections with oil sticks.
Scanner broke so I wont be uploading stuff for a while....

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