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Originally Posted by SmootheOperator View Post
you can't seriously be saying the a sith lord that only engaged in combat once, when he was revealed as the Sith Lord,
Seriously, you're trying to convince me that he never fought except once? First of all, he fought twice in the movies, and second of all, Palpatine alludes to plenty of other battles he's had with Jedi.

failed at hunting down the jedi,
Don't give me that. It's worth pointing out that not only did he come closer than any others, but no Sith Lord ever succeeded in completely hunting down the Jedi.

and only had control over the galaxy for a measly 17 years
It's still a better achievement than the 0 years for which every single Sith Lord before him ruled the galaxy.

Better sith lords have rule for longer and accomplished more.
Name them.

Also saying that Plagueis could not compete with Palpatine is asinine. Saying the apprentice can't be beaten by his former master is ridiculous.
That is not what I said. We have no canon evidence to suggest that Plagueis possessed combat skill superior to Palpatine in his prime, yet you insist that he did.

If it were based on force power, Plagueis would be the victor, no contest.
Again, based on what evidence? Palpatine killed three Jedi Master swordsmen in seconds, and controlled Force Storms capable of obliterating fleets, not to mention got a shot at immortality. What does Plagueis have to compete with that?

Many questions will be answered when the Plagueis book comes out, but a Sith Lord that has the power to manipulate the very essence of the force and mold it as he saw fit,
Allegedly. And how does that outweigh all of the knowledge Palpatine has?

the Sith Lord that created a "Chosen One" by using the force alone deserves more than a book.
Firstly, that's only fan speculation for the time being. Secondly, if it's true, then it evidently didn't do him much good since he lost track of his Chosen One and got killed in his sleep.

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