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I was just thinking about this and was wondering if anyone had any more thoughts. So I would like to develop my thoughts a little more:

The fact is that Vader really wants to recover the Starkiller we play with, and alive (he doesn't just want to see where he goes and he doesn't just want to kill him).

Given the fact that Vader already has a "perfect clone," the Dark Apprentice, I think it's safe to say that he doesn't want Starkiller because he's just a really good clone that could still be useful. It isn't worth all of Vader's trouble.

So that could mean two things:

1. He's not a clone and Vader is trying to capture the real Starkiller alive.

2. He is a clone, but . . .
a. The Dark Apprentice really isn't a better clone than him.
b. He was created and set free on purpose so that the Dark Apprentice could hunt him down and by destroying a good version of himself, become truly evil. This in turn could mean that the Dark Apprentice is the real Starkiller or that Vader just really cares about the Dark Apprentice that much.
c. Vader just wanted to lure the rebel fleet to Kamino and fully expected to destroy it.

Here's what I think of each possibility:
1: Still possible, but assuming that the dark side ending would have happened, why would Vader let the Dark Apprentice kill the real Starkiller?
2a: Again, why would Vader allow for the dark side ending to be a possibility if he cares so much about this particular clone?
2b: This seems logical to me.
2c: If this is what Vader wanted, he sure messed up badly, didn't he? Based on his instructions to the Dark Apprentice, it's almost as if he thought he might lose the battle. He also didn't just kill Starkiller once he returned with the rebel fleet. Instead, he was willing to let him go back out and hunt down Kota and after that, the rest of the rebel leaders. This could mean that Vader's just trying to salvage something from his failed plan, but that again seems unlikely given the fact that he knew he might lose the battle.

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