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Originally Posted by jannar85 View Post
Hey, I heard John Doe had been working on a Toonstruck extractor or something. Any updates on that? I think it was meant to rip music, backgrounds, animations and stuff.

Also, anyone knows how to extract the music for Runaway 1 and 2? I'd really like to get it, as it's pretty awesome. If not, is there a possibility to make a small application to rip it?
I'm making a tool to translate the voices of Atlantis to Spanish
I would like to find out if there's already done something about it.
And extract the VOC, also decrypt the text, I only need to link them with voc, use ScummSpeaks v3 but it is not easy to handle and talk and I hear that it falls into one and other facilities such as selecting text from one actor or speaker
As you go with your tool?
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