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The light that served as the Geth's eye shrunk in size as it focused upon the nervous marine whose rifle pointed directly towards the Geth. It seemed the only thing that stood in the way of this human soldier from unloading his weapon's ammo into the robotic body that stood before him was the knowledge that the moment the robot's body hit the floor he would be struct down by weapons fire of his fellow brother's in arms. The human, who was being forced by his own nerves to shake the rifle, was still screaming that he realized that the Geth was a spy for his species and was waiting for the chance to kill everyone onboard. The Geth has been warned to prepare for this sort of behaviour, the heredicts and minor boarder skirmishes had given the geth a dark reputation. However it didn't expect to recieve the hostile attitude as soon as it stepped out of it's shuttle.

Eventually one of the officers snuck up behind the fearing soldier and with a quick blow whilst the officer's pistol was clenched within the officer's hand for added support, the marine hit the floor, appearing to be deactivated, and was whisked away by other security officers less afraid of the Geth and more afraid of disobeying the officer's commands. The officer stepped forward and looked at the two geth units standing behind him carrying a large metal crate. The Geth noticed a frown form upon her face. "You didn't tell us you were bringing friends and your stuff."

The Geth's head tiltted slightly, unaware he was doing something wrong. "The contents of the crate are spare parts, equipment to help maintain and create spare parts, and other devices for the mission to record and transmit whatever information this platform collects to the collective whenever possible. The two other geth troopers are here to provide you're security detail with addes assistence, in case there are areas we need to transverse that are inaccessible to organic beings, and to provide this platform, should the occassion arises, with spare parts," Something the Geth said made the officer chuckle, 540 of the Geth's progams declared this officer was very strange.

She gave the Geth a map of the ship before highlighted part of the ship selected for the Geth. He twisted his head 180 degrees to face the two geth soldiers he brought aboard, within the next second the Geth had given orders to send the equipment to their area, unpack and prepare the area to serve the Geth's needs, after which the units swapped opinions on their first meeting with the humans and worked out the likelyhood that this mission would work. With that done, the Geth turned to the officer and asked her, "Could you take me to the commanding unit? This platform would like to introduce itself before we start this mission."

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