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What I mean is that Darth Plagueis didn't act on the Force; the Force acted on him. It's kind of a tricky concept and I do agree with you - just because you were fated to do something doesn't mean that you don't deserve credit for doing it.

I suppose a related point to make is that Sidious used his own genius to destroy the Republic while Plagueis needed his force powers to do whatever you think he might have done. In that way, his accomplishment being the will of the Force and not only his own will does somewhat make it less impressive. For example, if a Sith warrior kills a Jedi using a combination of force powers and a bounty hunter kills a Jedi of equal ability without using any force powers, whose accomplishment is more praiseworthy? On a simpler level: Someone defeating you with a trick is more impressive than someone defeating you using some sort of tool (in our case, this tool being force-sensitivity).

Another point I could make is that because the Sith evidently lost track of Anakin Skywalker even if they did create him, the whole thing may well have been an accident. If your greatest accomplishment was an accident, how is it so great?

I'm glad you now seem to agree that accomplishments mean more than ability. If it were only based on ability I would nominate Darth Vader for this honor.

P.S. I think the idea of "balancing the force" can still be true if you just define it as "destroying the Sith." Anakin Skywalker did do that. There were temporarily no Sith masters or apprentices left after Palpatine died and Vader converted as far as I know.

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