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Grim Fandango e-book

With help from Mikkel Rasmussen (meaning, he did all the work), there is finally an e-book version of the Grim Fandango novel.

It's in the epub format, so it's compatible with any e-book reader that supports that format. For the others, calibre should be able to convert it for your device. But remember, that's "should". And calibre is itself also a software e-book reader.

Below are direct links to the epub files. They are the same text, but formatted somewhat differently for different devices.

This version should work fine with most e-book readers and with calibre.

This version is tweaked to work with the Nook. (The difference being that the Nook requires, according to Mikkel, a flat directory structure. So if you have a Nook, or the first version just doesn't look right or work correctly, try this one.)

I should mention that the PDF version is still available at The DOD although the epub text has been tweaked slightly to include fewer typos and more onions.

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