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The original TIE Fighter is probably the most known SW aircraft and my fave. The X-wing is probably the only other one that can compete (and follows closely by in my books), but since the Alliance used such a vast array of fighters, it has to share the attention with so many others. While on the Empire's side, it's just the TIE/In or a variation that bears striking resemblance - we just can't help but think of the original TIE when we see the TIE Interceptor or the TIE Bomber. A symbol of the Empire as much as the Star Destroyer.

Never cared much about the A-Wing, though. I know it's supposed to be an air-superiority fighter, much like the TIE-Interceptor, except with shields, and therefore a starfighter killer, but I just don't dig the design. Always liked the B-Wing better (a beast among fighters) and even the Y-Wing, for looking so original and the perfect cannon-fodder.


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