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Originally Posted by luis46coco View Post
I'm making a tool to translate the voices of Atlantis to Spanish
I would like to find out if there's already done something about it.
And extract the VOC, also decrypt the text, I only need to link them with voc, use ScummSpeaks v3 but it is not easy to handle and talk and I hear that it falls into one and other facilities such as selecting text from one actor or speaker
As you go with your tool?
I'm the developer of ScummSpeaks, what troubles are you having?

ScummSpeaks v3 doesn't support original VOC files (partially because the specific VOC format used has poor support in modern tools), so you need to compress the MONSTER.SOU file with the ScummVM tools. Here's what I suggest you try.
  • Compress the "MONSTER.SOU" file in your Atlantis directory.
  • In ScummSpeaks, extract the text from Atlantis (there's an option under "Tools")
  • Create a new "Speech Map". Point to the new MONSTER.SO3/SOG/SOF file you created in the first step, and the text file you created in the second step.
  • Save the speech map XML file somewhere
  • Export all the game sounds to a directory
  • Replace each exported sound file as you like
  • When finished replacing files, go back to ScummSpeaks, and do "Import Sounds"
  • Save the speech map again
  • Do "Export to Game Resources"
  • Import the new text file back into the game (again, there's an option under "tools")

Feel free to contact me for any further help with ScummSpeaks. But I won't be offended if you decide to use something else

EDIT: Sorry, just realised this is completely unrelated to the topic.
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