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Having a BLAST with Infamous 2!
Been having a blast with Playstation Move. At least they understand us hard core gamers.

So part of the welcome back package Sony produced was a free month of Playstation plus. Included in that package, was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I have fond memories of tearing that game up at my buddie's house since he had a Genesis and I only had a Super Nintendo. Good times dammit. So I bought this PS3 exclusive for those kick ass Sonic games. Yes, they are still fun to play!

Oh and also had some credit left over from my trades, so I picked up some oldies that were dirt cheap!

This is just God of War, but what is not to like about Conan?

Basically everything you ever loved about Dynasty Warriors. Hack up thousands of goblins, wash rinse, repeat.

With the new Prey game coming out, I remember how much I loved the original. Right now it has a $2.99 price tag at the Gamestop

One of my all time favorite sandbox games.
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