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It's continues to goes in "Read Memory Error" and it's impossible to play!!

I have try anything but it's impossible to play.........

I have play 3 years from windows.. it's possible with residual to import all original savegames ??

I have found this patch here:
After i have copied all file in my HARD DISK following the thread in this forum i have installed the patch 1.01 and after i have installed the patch v2 included in link post above!
After that directly from windows for me it's possible to finish the games without any crash.....

I thinks this patch working for all other language of this games and i thinks working in all windows (including windows 7) !! I thinks it's possibly to make a definitive guide:
- Installing the games with original CD or using mixmojo custom setup
- Installing the patch 1.01
- Installing this patch v2
- And now it's possibly or using the launcher 1.5 or using a no-cd version of exe without problems.

If you can try this solution!

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