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Old Republic Phalanx
Because we're a sort of tight knit bunch here at LF even among other SW fans. Skeptics of LF have said their part but LF has continued to stand and we still get people who join us.

Republica Stormfront
Those among the LF band here who are for the republic strike me as the kind to be at the forefront of a major war effort against anyone who may threaten the well being of their beloved society. Whether on the front lines or behind the scenes acting in a more cerebral manner, they love their republic.
Also "Republica" is the name of a street on the planet Coruscant. There are those among the Republic who felt the loss and injustice at the sacking of Coruscant, now looking to take back the capitol from the Sith because they believe the Republic cannot coexist with the Sith Empire.

Sith Shadowbloods
Sounds kind of like a mysterious organization in the same way as clans of ninjas and exiled samurai were.

694th Imperial Covenant
The number inspired by
1) the wavelength 694nm which is in the red region of the visible spectrum, known line of the lasing wavenength for Cr:Ruby lasers. Red is the sith lightsaber color of preference.
2) There are varying numbers of legions of Palpatine's empire during the original trilogy.
3) Covenant just sounds like it would work.

Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
Replace "Flying" with "Frying"? Fryers are a religious rank, right?
"Friars" actually.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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