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Oh wow, that WaybackMachine is great, here are the old websites:

Curse of Monkey Island official Lucasarts website (archived)

Grim Fandango official Lucasarts website (archived)

Note: because these sites were made long time ago and in frames, HTML and modern browsers render them differently. So the left frame that contains the menu is displaced - you need to scroll it left-right to see it (you can use keyboard arrows too).

Escape from Monkey Island official Lucasarts website (archived)

Sam & Max Freelance Police official Lucasarts website (archived + canceled)

Full Throttle official Lucasarts website (archived)

Note: this one has launcher button on the image on the left, although WaybackMachine can't execute the launcher

Feels like yesterday when I waited a whole day for page to load on my dial up modem

P.S. You can remove the Wayback header by pressing X

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