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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
*Big wall of helpful text*
Ah, okay. A few updates:

Installed the new drivers because Witcher 2 had serious performance issues without them. (275.33 for Win7 64) Running just fine on the 460, around 5 hours of gaming with them so far and nary a glitch, hang, or crash. No issues there.

Speedfan's lock-up has forum posts referring to it for years. Seems to be a common problem that causes hangs when it tries to access motherboard readouts and stuff. I'll look into finding updates for my BIOS if possible.

I'll be getting the replacement card tomorrow (Tuesday).

My PSU for the first time isn't an utter piece of crap. I actually went out and spent a little beyond my price range (I have a history of buying $30-50 PSUs). I've got a Corsair TX750v2. I doubt my PSU is at fault.

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