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The heatsink on this card is huge and I suspect it can take a little more heat. Gaming @ 52°C with a pretty low fan speed allows for some wiggle room.

I went ahead and under clocked it to 722mhz from 742mhz. The Witcher 2 now stutters at settings that my 460 was able to handle just fine, but I was able to play for about an hour and I had no freezes. But again, the frame rate was pretty bleh, when it was smooth it wasn't much better than the 460, and in addition stuttered a lot. When I had the clock at the default, sure the game ran for about 5 minutes before freezing, but it ran very smoothly. So no, I don't wanna keep the core clock that low if I can help it.

One thing I noticed, though, was that according to HWMonitor, the card uses 0.91V when my computer shuts down the monitors (I don't use screen savers, I just have the screens turn off). And on the desktop and in game sits at the max 1.02V. ... I think I may try experimenting and researching on this.

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