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Longcat: heh, well, Nord has been, and still is generating enough revenue to keep it running, but sharding out and running more projects in parallel is to put it simply: more fun.

elTee: Thanks, man!

Edward van Helgen: Glad you appreciate the style. I've put MANY hours into these backdrops, heh.

sanguinehearts and Ascovel: The first release is either way definitely going to be PC, and nothing else. We certainly hope to branch off onto other platforms as well, depending on how much time we have to spare and what the market looks like at that time. As for PSP support in AGS, I'd say it's still rather theoretical and could work with a lot of hard rewriting and rebuilding of assets - is it worth it though? The psp market is an odd one. There are other handheld devices that definitely seem more tempting to work with, such as android and iOS devices.

Alex IDV: Agreed! I get nasty memories of playing Maniac Mansion and Shadowgate on NES. Which, granted, was a lot of fun, but input wise it was truly a nightmare.

I'm also posting to say that we've just updated the blog today with a sneak peek of the voice of Lina. Thus finishing our lead cast preview on the dev-blog. Check her voice out and tell us what you think!

Keep your eyes peeled on for more updates regarding The Journey Down!

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