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Kaerobani's Base in MotS

Two questions about the level:
* What's the purpose of the room sticking out of the waterfall? There's an elevator in it, but it only goes down a few inches and then comes back up. Is it just leftover content or something?
* Previous levels had a single music track that always played, but this one seems to either be cycling or shuffling through all the tracks. Is that how it worked when the game came out?

Edit: Found an answer to my first question in this zip file linked from here.
Originally Posted by Andrew Dagilis
...if you aim yourself VERY carefully, you can force jump into the the bunker (you'll lose anywhere from 50 to 70 health points doing so). There's a lift in the corner but it doesn't work (it drops a few centimeters when you flick the switch, jams, then rises again). All that effort for nothing (why there's an elevator there if it doesn't work, George only knows. There's a similar malfunctioning elevator in the Nar Shaddaa level of "Dark Forces", near the spot where you encounter your first Trandoshan). So now you backtrack...

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