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I seriously think that if they use the newer visual engines, adaptations of previous gaming mechanisms, and just accept input from more reknown 'critics' then I think that their work on KotOR would be more successful then just coming out with a surprise. They dropped the game development years ago because of an economic slump that hit them hard, but they've had all these Force Unleashed and Lego games, working hard on this KotOR when they have a chance would seriously earn the respect and business of previous gamers that are more RPG focused. The third game really has a big door open, with a lot of wiggle room from the setup from the 1st and 2nd game. They have so much they could do to the game, and I'm sure they could accomplish a big feat by really knocking it out of the park with this one. For how anticipated it was and how ^ diligent it's fanbase is, I truly believe it's still not too late for the game production to start up, since they already had characters and plots developed with pen and paper. Just going back and revising what they have, maybe even throwing in more since the consoles can deal with a lot more than they had previously designed the game for, a third game, if and when it came out, would definitely remove that 'economic slump' excuse they used on us once. Agreed?
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