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Originally Posted by Klw View Post

As for the mind trick, I don't think you can mind trick thousands of senators all at once (or even individually because you just wouldn't have the time) and even if you could, you definitely couldn't mind trick the Jedi Council. Yet both the Senate and the Jedi Council willingly went along with Palpatine's plan.
He didn't need to trick an entire room of senators to have things done. he only needed one, maybe 2, a very small but loud group at the most.

Just think of the American tea partiers. They are not smart, they have very little in the way of fact or truth, but they are yelling at everyone, and for some reason people pay attention to them.

Make a few dedicated disciples to Sidious, and set them loose in a room full of career politicians, and they will do the work for you. deals that need to be made, bribes the need to be offered, grease the political wheels so that Sidious doesn't have to. Plus, if anyone of them gets caught, Sidious can say he knew noting about it, and only that politician goes down, not the Chancellor.

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