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I'm curious, any specific reason you're going with the Thermaltake Lvl 10 GT case? I'm asking because a CoolerMaster HAF 932 or HAF X would cost ~$100 and $80 less, respectively. I've been very happy with my 932 for the past 2 years, and from what I've been hearing, the only advantage the Level 10 has to a noticeable extent is looking nicer (Though IMO, the HAF looks fine, if not better; I'm not sure why some people hate the look so much).

Unless there's an advantage I haven't been made aware of (entirely possible, please tell me what it is), or you're rich enough that spending $100 more for a case you think looks a bit nicer (in which case, can I borrow some cash? And by borrow I mean take and never return), I would recommend looking at the X and 932 as cheaper options.

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