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A late reply, nevertheless still a reply.

You should only experience difficulties installing any of the games if your operating system is 64-bit. The installers are only 16-bit so will outright refuse to run. You could theoretically install the games on a 32-bit machine (either an older computer or a virtual machine on Windows 7) then move the files to your Windows 7 system and modify a registry file, however this could prove difficult! The other much easier option (and the option I eventually took) was to purchase the entire Jedi Knight series on Steam (no need to install and relatively cheap - I paid £14.99 for DF, DF2, MOTS, JO AND JA).

There's a graphical glitch on 64-bit systems for Dark Forces II and MOTS however there is a simple workaround available on the Steam forums which works perfectly.

SOTE is a nightmare to install and run. I've heard it's possible albeit incredibly difficult. Still, worth it to play it again!

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