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"I must warn you: Do not approach the Avalon system. While they would gladly join our Resistance, the planet is currently surrounded by Sith Warships aiding in the relief effort. Governor Starlighter is tolerating their presence only as long as necessary. Instead, make for Tython. We intend to reclaim the old Temple there, and use it as both a replacement for the one on Coruscant and as a base of operations for the Resistance."

Belina listened carefully and then nodded at Garja who opened up communications lines to all of the rebel ships. "Attention all Rebel ships, there's been a change of plans. All rebel ships are to proceed to the following coordinates." He sent the coordinates and spoke again. "No one is to send these coordiantes to any non-rebel ship."

Garja then looked down at the messages coming in. All ships had recieved the messages and were begining to input the coordinates.

"All ships are entering coordinates Admiral."

"You may want to listen to this: live feeds from the Destiny and the Senate. Don't ask me how I got them."

Belina didn't respond as she watched the newly promoted Admiral Kohe took his fleet into hyperspace.

That fool! She thought as she watched the transmission showed the fleet of sith ships taking up attack positions around coruscant. He should have had the sith fleet jump to hyperspace first!

The view from the senate chamber wasn't much better. She watched as Lendralis ran up to the sith.

"We trusted you!"

Belina didn't look away as the Sith took Lendralis's head off with a single strike from his lightsaber."

"Turn that off." She said quietly. Garja did as ordered and the transmission ended.

"Set course for Tython." She said. Within moments, the Ackbar had the coordiantes entered and the Ackbar entered hyperspace.
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