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"Tavaryn, since you already have duties aboard the Ackbar I'm going to ask you who you think would make a good ambassador from the Shinigami."

Tavaryn flushed a bit and replied, "Well the one to go to would be the Sentinel and um... that would"

I love you for what you are now. It would be horrible of me to judge you for what you once were.

Tavaryn heard the words in his mind as he made his revelation to Belina. He replied, That's why I love you moi chroi. Though I am sure you are going to hate me now that I revealled another one of my secrets.

Jun-la listened to the revelation her uncle gave and grinned in an amused way. It actually made sense now. Her family was scattered among the different organizations that much was clear. Her uncle had been raised by the Shinigami and his mother so that was all he knew so it made sense that he was their mouthpiece. He could be counted upon to say enough without divulging secrets. She spoke to relieve the silence, "For the Jedi of Coruscant, we should rely on Master Skywalker and Master Starlighter. For the Jedi scattered on Avalon and her colonies, I suggest sending emissaries armed with a specific code word that will tell them you are a friend and that there is danger. There are plently of Force users out there. It's juts not all of them are Jedi."

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Tonatius listened to Kalla's words. He replied, "It was home when Father was alive and mother carried her spirit well. Now... home is wherever you are." He gave Kalla a gentle kiss on her cheek.

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