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"Well the one to go to would be the Sentinel and um... that would"

Belina looked over at Tavaryn and nodded. "Very well. From this point on in addition to your normal duties you will be serving as an informal ambassador to the Shinigami." Belina tried to smile but she was still slightly shocked by how the sith in the senate chamber had killed Lendralis. "Don't worry, I hear the hours aren't that bad."

That's why I love you moi chroi. Though I am sure you are going to hate me now that I revealled another one of my secrets.

Alriana waited until Belina turned to Garja before grabbing his hand for a brief moment. I don't hate you Tavaryn, she sent. I don't think I ever could, not after all that you have done for me.

"For the Jedi of Coruscant, we should rely on Master Skywalker and Master Starlighter. For the Jedi scattered on Avalon and her colonies, I suggest sending emissaries armed with a specific code word that will tell them you are a friend and that there is danger. There are plently of Force users out there. It's juts not all of them are Jedi."

Alriana pulled her hand away from Tavaryn as Belina turned to look at Jun-La. "I'll make sure that we keep in contact with Masters Skywalker and Starlighter. As for the jedi who are still on Avalon and the colonies I'll make sure to find someone who I trust."

Garja, who had been monitoring the communications from the RSS Destiny and the senate turned to Belina. "Admiral, it appears that the republic fleet attacking Balmorra is in trouble. I can't hear much but it sounds like the Imperials were waiting for them. As for the senate building...I can hear blaster fire and screaming. Do you want me to put them on the main screen?"

"No." Belina said quietly as she thought of the options that fate or possibly the force had dealt her. She could try and help the republic fleet at Balmorra or she could continue towards Tython and come up with some sort of plan.

"Lady Jun-la." She said as she turned to look back at her. "I could use your advice. Should I turn around and set course for Balmorra or should we continue onto Tython?"
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