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"Don't worry, I hear the hours aren't that bad."

"Well not the duties you assigned me to Admiral," Tavaryn replied a bit sheepishly. It was more comforting to hear Alriana in his mind. Truth be told he was worried about the state of affairs. He had been born in an age of fear where his mother and others like her were hunted down like animals. Now it was like it was happening all over again.

He held Alriana's hands in his own when she told him that she thought she could never hate him. He took in the smoothness of her hands, commiting them to memory. He was reluctant to let her go when Belina turned around. He sent, I suppose you want to keep public displays of affection to a minimum? He did not mind though it did seem to be like one more thing to be borne in silence.

"I could use your advice. Should I turn around and set course for Balmorra or should we continue onto Tython?

Jun-la had been watching the exchange between her uncle and Alriana. The timing seemed off for them to finally admit their feelings but then again there really is no perfect time. She replied to the admiral, "Admiral we need to consider the status of the ship itself. I know Andros has done what he can on all major systems as well as the Mandalorian team that Selene lent. Do you feel that given the state of the ship we should head to Balmorra? I would suggest going if there was no other option."

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Tonatius felt Kalla's fear and held her hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed it before gently turning it over until her promise mark showed. Gently he rubbed the tender skin and said, "As long as we share this, we will be all right."

Taryn made a scowl at the scene. He was not one for getting into romances. Heck he even made jokes at Andorra's wedding just to annoy his twin. His brother was into that honorable gentleman thing and courting. Yet if he dared to admit it to himself, he would have professed jealously that his brother had found someone. He walked up to the cockpit where to no one in particular he asked, "So how long till we reach Tython?"

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