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((Do you want me to take over Velerc when the Imperials talk to him?))


I suppose you want to keep public displays of affection to a minimum?

For now. Alriana answered calmly. Don't worry, we always have our off-duty shifts.

"Admiral we need to consider the status of the ship itself. I know Andros has done what he can on all major systems as well as the Mandalorian team that Selene lent. Do you feel that given the state of the ship we should head to Balmorra? I would suggest going if there was no other option."

Belina sighed heavily. She knew that most of the crews had been forced to obey the chief of state and had no choice but to attack the Imperial fleet at Balmorra. They were still people that she felt responsible for. She knew that many of those crews were most likely dead now. It would be foolish to take the Ackbar into battle with the damage it had taken.

Jun-la was right.

One of the consoles lit up and Garja ran over to it. "Incoming transmission from the RSS Phoenix. According to the transmission logs it was one of the ships that was sent to Balmorra."
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