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(Yeah, go ahead. CommanderQ is probably not going to be back any time soon.)

Silver Eagle

"A couple more hours, but after what happened on Coruscant, I suspect Master Skywalker will want to speak to everyone when we arrive." Komad explained.

"I suppose there is always hope." Kalla remarked, turning their hand holding into a much more intimate embrace.

RSS Phoenix

"Admiral, it appears as though the Sith provided the New Empire with an intel package similar to the one they gave us. As a result, our fleets were evenly matched, and we nearly destroyed each other. Fortunately, we have agreed to a ceasefire, and they said that if you are willing to negotiate with Grand Admiral Velerc, they would be more than happy to join your Resistance, and if you will accept, what is left of the Republic fleet will do so unconditionally." Captain Harak explained.

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