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A couple more hours, but after what happened on Coruscant, I suspect Master Skywalker will want to speak to everyone when we arrive

Taryn shrugged his shoulders and replied, "And I am guessing us non Jedi are waiting in the lobby?"


"I suppose there is always hope."

Tonatius let Kalla caress his hand and replied, "There is always hope. Besides I've never known you to give up. Remember your persistence with my cousin?"


Don't worry, we always have our off-duty shifts.

Tavaryn whispered gently into Alriana's ear, "I'm not worried. If want it to be a secret then that is fine too. Remember I used to work in secrets." He then switched to their connection, My heart is yours. It was his way of saying that he would follow what she wanted.

"Incoming transmission from the RSS Phoenix. According to the transmission logs it was one of the ships that was sent to Balmorra."

Andros then asked, "What kind of channel was it sent?" Looking at the Admiral he explained, "I know most of the emergency channels, the legit ones."

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