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Finally fixed my compy issues. My GTX460 would have glitches when booting sometimes, so I tested that card on another computer and got no glitches. So I decided it was the mobo. Turns out I was right.

Got this.
GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AMD 970 Motherboard

Even has AM3+ socket support, so I'll be able to keep this mobo to upgrade to the next level of AMD CPUs when they arrive (if I want to, my 1090T is still pretty awesome).

Played a bunch of Shogun 2 again. Went through some Magicka. Running 60FPS with max settings in DiRT 3.

Oh, and speaking about DiRT 3, my Steam Summer sale bag:

(Got four copies, actually)

(Got a copy for my brother, too)

(Runs really smooth, actually)

(Kinda regretting this one...)

(Never played Hitman before)


(Gifted to two people)

(Shotguns are fun and effective!)

(Haven't tried yet, but I imagine I'll enjoy it)

(Actually got this before and didn't mention it)

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