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No Star Wars Battlefront III at E3 2011 or San Diego Comic Con 2011

We got no announcement at e3 2011 this year. They just released a schedule for each day at 2011 San Diego Comic-con and nothing about Star Wars Battlefront III. All they are going to showcase is Star Wars Clone Wars animated series season 4, Star Wars Saga onBlu-ray dvd, and maybe new Star Wars tv series called Star Wars Detours produced by Seth Green. I am sure they showed some star wars comic and novel and probaly some toys. Geez! The original came out in September, 2004 and here is it July, 2011 and nothing. All I heard is Lucasarts getting the ok to use the Unreal game engine on future projects. I heard Sparks Unlimited is doing a high profile action/adventure sci-fiction franchise game. That is vague. There are several sci-fiction franchises in talks for new movies that could be a video game version of that movie such has:

Men in Black III
Star Trek

Heck, they might want to come out with another Matrix movie, Stargate or even Doctor Who.

I suspect if it is a Star Wars game it is Star Wars The Force Unleashed III or Star Wars Republic Commando II. I want a Star Wars Battlefront for my PS3. It would be awesome to play using the next generation consoles. Just has long has a single player mode so I can take on computer AI. I dislike online video games and mutliple player games.

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