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Originally Posted by iamyourdad View Post
how powerful do you think computers will be in the year 2020?
Probably to the point that your vehicle becomes just like the Kitt car in the TV series Knight Rider.

Which reminds me, I use to have a old Chrysler LeBaron that would repeatedly tell me with a voice activation, after a loud Ping, that my door was ajar. That drove me up the wall after a while (no pun intended), as you can imagine, so I disconnected a few wires. It didn't say much after that, but a strange thing started happening. Somehow it got my E-Mail address and in the first E-Mail it said: Nice try owner, btw, your door is ajar.

And I still get E-Mails to this very day from the freakin' thing, telling me about the damn door being ajar and I don't even own it anymore. I think it's stalking me.

That car is alive, I tell you! ALIVE!

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