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Senate Chambers, Coruscant

Darth Pestilus stood in the chamber's central podium, addressing the crowd of Sith Lords now populating the Senate.

"On this day, we are VICTORIOUS! The Jedi Order has fled in fear, and through our influence, the Republic and the New Empire have destroyed one another. None dare oppose us now. Coruscant is ours, and with it, the Galaxy! And with the Galaxy under our control, we can begin work towards our true victory."

Jedi Temple, Tython

"We have lost so much today. The Temple, Coruscant, the Republic itself. But the Jedi Order survives, and we will persevere. The Sith may have won this battle, but the war is far from over, and we will retake Coruscant. I know many of you had friends and family on Coruscant. Remember them, and the countless other innocents caught in the Sith's grip. They are who we are fighting for, and we will win." Kol said to the gathered crowd of Jedi and Republic soldiers. They knew he was right. As long they opposed the tyranny of the Sith, as long as hope survived, the Sith would never truly be victorious.

To Be Continued....

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