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Originally Posted by A mirror View Post
Another possible theory for Bao-dur could be;
1)Bao-dur was knocked unconscious when the shuttle crashed on the Telos polar plateau, no one else was.
2)When the Ebon Hawk crashed on Malachor v, Mira ended up half way across the level.
3)So, it is possible that he could have died in the crash.
Yeah, he was always getting knocked unconcious, thats what Bao-Dur *does*
If you play the HK-Factory in TSLRCM, he takes HK to Telos..wouldn't he still there at point of end-game,.

Mira- yeah,what is up with that? How'd she get so far from the ship?

Nihilus- Visas says he's just a man. Done.

Sion= not Lucien Draay. Done.
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